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When Bersih Turned Bershit

Mahathir has what is called the reverse Midas touch. Anything that Midas touches turns to gold. Anything that Mahathir touches, however, turns to shit. And Shahnon said this well in his book, ‘Shit’. So the Bersih that we started in 2007 has now turned to Bershit when it changed from a movement to fight for free and fair elections into an anti-Najib movement.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
In 1999, at the height of the anti-Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad a.k.a. Reformasi movement, Shahnon Ahmad, writer, National Laureate, Professor Emeritus at Universiti Sains, a former PAS Member of Parliament, and a personal friend of mine, wrote a satire in a book called ‘Shit’.
The book caused so much controversy that Mahathir’s government tried to ban it. But it was too late. Every single copy printed had been sold and photocopy versions of that book were selling along Jalan Masjid India and in front of mosques on Fridays at double the cover price. Even those ciplak(pirated) copies at double the price sold out like goreng pisang panas (hot banana fritters).
Most people who bought the book never even read it. They just wanted to own it as a mark of protest against Mahathir and in support of the Reformasi movement. What is even more important is that the book was symbolic of everything that Mahathir touches turning to shit, starting from the build up to May 13 in 1969 right up to today, almost 50 years later.
And that is what has happened to Bersih. At first Bersih started in mid-2007 as a movement to fight for free and fair elections. And I should know because I, together with various opposition as well as Umno people, were involved in Bersih in the early stages in 2007. In fact, blogger Din Merican can testify to that because I communicated with him many times about arranging the handing-over of the Election Petition to His Majesty the Agong.
Yes, Bersih was started by a handful of us in 2007. And it was not Bersih 1.0 but just Bersih. But then along the way Anwar Ibrahim hijacked Bersih and called it Bersih 2.0 when Bersih 2.0 was not an extension of Bersih 1.0 (there was no such thing as Bersih 1.0). And now Bersih has been taken over by Mahathir and is being called Bersih 5.0 as if the Bersih we organised in 2007 was Bersih 1.0.
That is a gross misrepresentation of historical facts. Bersih 5.0 is not the fifth in a series of Bersih rallies that started with Bersih 1.0 in 2007. The so-called Bersih 5.0 is actually Bershit, which Mahathir is using in his attempt to oust Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. And Mahathir’s video below makes no secret of the fact that Bersih 5.0 is actually an anti-Najib demonstration that is aimed at ousting Najib and replacing him with a new proxy Prime Minister.

In fact, if you really want to know what Mahathir thinks of Bersih, see the video below instead. That is Mahathir’s real view on Bersih. In the ‘campaign video’ above asking everyone to come out to join the Bershit demonstration tomorrow, Mahathir talks about Najib and not about free and fair elections. Mahathir talks about changing the government with a government not headed by Najib. Mahathir does not mention a single word about the elections or free and fair elections. It is all just about ousting Najib and replacing him with a new Prime Minister.

So, no, Bersih 5.0 is not Bersih 5.0 because the Bersih rally of November 2007 was not Bersih 1.0. And Bersih is no longer Bersih, the movement to campaign for free and fair elections. It is now Bershit, the campaign to oust Najib and replace him with Mahathir’s proxy Prime Minister. And if Mahathir’s ‘campaign video’ does not convince you about this then you are even dumber than I thought.
Bershit has been turned into a prostitute. Everyone is screwing it for their own pleasure. While Mahathir is screwing it to oust Najib and to replace him with a proxy Prime Minister, PKR is screwing it in their campaign to get Anwar released from jail, the DAP Evangelist Christians are using it to challenge the supremacy of Islam, while DAP is using it to split the Malays into five groups so that the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan can take over the country.
Yesterday the message below was circulated to all Christians and opposition supporters. It is no secret and now very open that the Christians are exploiting Bersih. The quarrel a few days ago between two groups of Catholics also confirms this. The Catholics and Evangelist Christians have infiltrated Bershit and are using it to challenge and undermine Islam.
And this is very dangerous. If Bersih is about race that is bad enough. But if it turns into a religious divide that is more explosive than a racial divide. And this is one reason why PAS does not want to participate in Bershit. They know that Bershit is being exploited by the Christians as a sort of movement to challenge and undermine Islam. And if they continue doing this PAS might even work with Umno to keep this anti-Islam tide in check.
Actually, when you come to think of it, the Bershit 5.0 promoters are a bunch of losers. The spineless DAP-led Pakatan Harapan has no dignity. After what Mahathir said about them they can still accept him as the paramount leader of the opposition. And Mahathir is equally shameless. In spite of knowing that George Soros is funding the opposition and Bersih and in spite of what he and Soros think of each other he can still embrace Bershit and campaign for people to come out tomorrow.
If you have forgotten the Mahathir-Soros incident maybe you can see this video below.

There are only two predominantly Malay parties: Umno and PAS. DAP knows that as long as Umno and PAS remain strong then there is no way the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan can take over the country. In 2008 and 2013 the first stage of the plan worked when the Chinese abandoned Barisan Nasional and united under DAP. But that is not enough. That is only stage one. Stage two has to be to divide the Malay voters from just two to five or six groups.
In 1990, the Malays split into three (Umno, PAS and Semangat 46). That was not good enough. In 1999, the Malays, again, split into three (Umno, PAS and PKN). That, too, was not good enough. Twice in history the Malays split into three but still DAP could not take over the country. So that means the Malays must be split into more than just three — maybe five or six at least.
So now Umno is split into two with Pribumi or PPBM emerging as the so-called replacement party to Umno. PAS is also split into two with PAN emerging as the so-called replacement party to PAS. Then we have the very weak PKR that is so badly divided between the Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Azmin Ali cliques. DAP could not ask for anything more — the Malays are now split into six cliques.
Tomorrow, 19th November 2016, is the ‘trial exam’. What happens tomorrow will show whether the next general election is going to see Barisan Nasional cut down even further or whether the opposition needs to go back to the drawing board. Tomorrow’s Bershit rally is not about free and fair elections but a show of strength to test how far the envelope can be pushed. And not only how many turn out tomorrow but who turns out would give that indication.
And that is why never mind how much Mahathir may have abused the opposition and the opposition leaders and supporters in the past they are prepared to pretend that all that never happened and give Mahathir red carpet treatment and treat him like a VVIP.
If you think they have forgiven and forgotten Mahathir then you are a downright moron. No one has forgiven or forgotten Mahathir. In fact, you can say that in a way they are punishing Mahathir for his past sins. They are punishing Mahathir by using him to break up Umno (after breaking up PAS) because there can be no better punishment for Mahathir than to destroy the party he founded.
Do you remember what the late Tunku Abdul Rahman said? In the 1970s the Tunku said that the day when Mahathir takes over as Prime Minister is the day the country and Umno are doomed. And the Tunku was correct. Malaysia is still suffering from PSD (Post-Mahathir Syndrome) while Mahathir destroyed Umno in 1987, just six years after taking over.
Then Mahathir formed Umno Baru to replace the Umno which he destroyed and the Tunku refused to join Unmo Baru. He and Tun Hussein Onn both died outside Umno together with many other Umno veterans who refused to have anything to do with Mahathir’s ciplak Umno. Umno Baru is not the original Umno of 1946, they said, but Mahathir’s Umno.
Yes, Umno Baru is not the original Umno of 1946 but is Mahathir’s Umno. And now Mahathir himself is trying to destroy the very Umno that he created to replace the original Umno of 1946. Is that not poetic justice? Is that not karma? So why would DAP not want to pretend to forgive and forget Mahathir and support him and exploit him to destroy Umno? What better punishment can there be for Mahathir to make him pay for his past sins than to help him destroy the very party which he created?
Yes, everything that Mahathir touches turns to shit. This has been so since the late 1960s. And today Bersih has turned into Bershit the instant Mahathir’s hands got involved in it. And DAP is excited. The Christians are excited. Mahathir’s Bershit is going to do what the DAP Chinese and Christians have been trying to do for 50 years but so far have not succeeded.
Is it not ironical that DAP now supports the Yellow Shirts when the very reason that Bersih turned yellow was to show allegiance or taat setia to the monarchy? Yellow means royal and that was why we chose yellow in 2007. But then DAP does not recognise the monarchy. Teng Chang Khim wrote in his blog that DAP will refuse to mengadap the Sultan if they had to wear a songkok as the dress code. DAP also told their people to reject all titles and awards from the rulers (if not Karpal Singh would have been called Tan Sri Karpal and would deserve that title).
DAP makes no secret of the fact that it is anti-monarchy plus anti-Syariah (which comes under the rulers). In fact, the Syariah is one reason why DAP closed down Pakatan Rakyat so that PAS could be kicked out of the opposition coalition. And yet, in spite of DAP’s anti-monarchy and anti-Syariah stand, it supports the Yellow Shirts, the symbol of Malay Supremacy (Ketuanan Melayu). I mean this is as funny as Anwar Ibrahim heading an anti-LGBT movement. Can you imagine something like that?
The PAS ‘professionals’ are now all in PAN, DAP’s new ‘Islamic party’
But then DAP has always set aside principles for political gain. When Mahathir wanted to oust Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2006, DAP worked with Mahathir to bring down the Barisan Nasional government in Penang, Abdullah’s home base. That was the reason why Lim Guan Eng contested in Penang instead of Melaka. They knew that Penang was going to fall. Even people like Jeff Ooi moved from Selangor to Penang together with many other Guan Eng loyalists.
And Mahathir is no better. After what he said about and did to the opposition, he now becomes their patriarch. And in spite of the opposition plus Bershit being funded by Soros, Mahathir has no problem with that. Mahathir and the opposition deserve one another. They are like pinang dibelah dua (two peas in a pod). Both are prepared to drop their pants and get screwed as long as it is for political gain.
The Chinese in the opposition are attacking Najib for his China visit. Why are the opposition so upset about Najib’s China visit? Well, the opposition Chinese are upset about Najib’s China visit because Soros is upset. And what Soros does not like the opposition and the Chinese in the opposition also do not like. And the Evangelist Christians in DAP now serve Soros’s anti-China agenda.
I suppose like DAP’s Superman said: use Malays to fight Malays. Soros also uses Chinese (in Malaysia) to fight Chinese (in China).  And the DAP Chinese in Malaysia are very upset that Najib is building a bridge with China and is accusing Najib of selling Malaysia to the Chinese. Is that not what Lim Guan Eng is also doing in Penang, selling Penang to the Chinese?
Dear friends and intercessors,
In view of the death threats to organisers and the recent indication given by certain parties to inflict violence and create havoc on the planned Bersih rally on Nov 19, we urge all Christians to pray and stand in the gap.
Do mobilise you and your prayer partners to pray for the rally in 5 locations across dataran merdeka on 19 November.
Scripture to claim and meditate:
Psalm 37
Pray for
1. Peace. (v12-13) Pray that God’s purpose for malaysia will prevail. Pray that God will display His control over even the clouds. Pray that stirers and troublemakers will be apprehended.
2. Protection. (v5, 6, 7, 33) Pray for God’s protection over everyone throughout the rally, for all participants to excercise wisdom at all times.
3. Prevailing justice. (v28-29) Pray for the armed forces, for wisdom, justice and integrity at all times. Pray that righteousness will prevail in Malaysia one way or another. Pray that wickedness will cease and that the righteous will inherit the land.
Practical ideas:
1. Gather a few people and do a walk/drive around the area to visualise and intercede.
2.  Pray in groups throughout the rally and running up to it.
3. Take time to pray each day for at least 15 mins for this issue. Pray for God to reveal His heart to you and take time to listen.
4. Pray over the news. Stand by live and pray as each hour passes during the rally.
Feel free to circulate.
A call to pray by 24-7 Prayer Malaysia

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